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About Us

First Choice Bakers was founded in 1995 and is one of the UK's leading producers of Jamaican patties and one of the most recognised names in the pattie industry.


We have expanded into one of the fastest growing wholesale distributors in London.


All our goods are produce by ourselves from original raw materials. We use traditional techniques and the finest quality ingredients to create a tantalising selection of Patties, Cakes, Buns, Breads, Confectionery and other specialities.
First Choice Bakers is the producer of the finest quality Jamaican Patties
in the UK.

We base our business on quality and a passion to produce a product
that customers not only enjoy but will remember and recommend.
Over 90% of all our business is generated through word of mouth recommendation, so clearly our products speak for themselves.

Our Patties are now one of the biggest selling savoury snacks in restaurants,
schools, fish & chip shops, takeaways and general convenience stores.